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Who We Are?

Fruitways SP Zoo is a family business company, our grandfathers first established orchards and followed by the next generations, their cultivation has become a passion as well as mission of us. Thus, from generations, we as an importer, supplier and exporter, have been providing the highest quality Apples to people across the world. To have no troubles in doing business and serving the quality which we aim for, in the year 2011, we established our producers group by making contacts with the best orchardists from companies of Sochaczew and its surrounding places. Since the year, we have been working in association with our producers companies and serving finest Gala Apple, Red Prince Apple, Golden Delicious Apple, Ligol Apple and many other varieties.

We have our set up in Sochaczew, a famous city of Holand, several kilometers away from Warsaw. Further, orchards and apple fields of our producers group are situated on Mazovian Province, which has extremely fertile lands. There are more than 360 ha of orchards & fields, where the best species of vegetables & fruits  are grown and help us to serve customers. Moreover, 34 highly experienced and knowledgeable growers, support us in our endeavors of serving apple varieties to people. It is our experience in the apple trading business and use of latest technologies that enable us in offering quality products.

Our Story

Our company is formed by few young Entrepreneurs, who are involved in trading fruits and vegetables from second generations.  Our birth is came from 3 companies in India, with a motive to export Poland apples directly in Indian and Middle East markets. We incorporated in August 2019 in Warsaw, Poland parallel in India together with the group of 3 companies coming together. Our aim is to become the largest importer and exporter in Europian and Asian market. The most important activity is to export fresh fruits , frozen fruits and processed foods.

Reasons Behind Our Success

  • Proper Cold Storage Conditions- For preserving highest standards in our offered apples, we ensure to maintain proper cold storage conditions for them. Our associated producers group guarantee that after being plucked & sorted, apples are immediately transported to a chamber, where a temperature of 2 degree is maintained all the time
  • Storage Warehouse & ULO Chambers- Producers group of Fruitways has around 10,000 tons of storage capacity, it has been maintained in an infrastructure, which has ULO chambers as well.

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Registered Office, Aleje Jerozolimskie 85/21 Warszawa 02-001 Poland, Warszawa, Mazowieckie, 96500, Poland